Waiting, waiting.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

To be really honest, these last few days have not been very fun.

To make a long story short, I found out about a week ago that a spot had opened up in a program at my school that I'd been on the waiting list for. This program would cut off 8 months of my time in nursing school, and I would finish in April 2012 instead of December 2012. I immediately replied with, "YES! Please consider me! Please please please!!" or something to that effect. :)

One other student was interested in the spot, so it's down to the two of us for the final decision. We were supposed to know on Tuesday afternoon. Then it became Wednesday morning. And now, on Thursday, we still don't know. It's very obvious to me that the Lord is teaching me to wait. On Tuesday afternoon, there was even a bomb threat at my school which caused everyone to evacuate, prolonging the decision. As if that happens every day!

In the meantime, I've been busying myself with anything and everything:
cleaning the house,
cooking soup,
sewing purses,
returning emails,
running errands,
pulling weeds,
all the while, checking my email on my phone about every 10 minutes to see if there's news. Each time I do, my heart starts to race, just hoping for an answer. Hoping for the answer I want.

Sadly, as I've been waiting, one of my favorite distractions broke: my sewing machine. I guess I had asked a lot of a $27 machine, but it still made me so sad as I had planned to make lots of bags to be ready for the re-opening of my shop. I guess that wasn't part of His plan. I'll still have several to list, so not to worry, but it's all just so obvious to me that He is in control and I am not.

I know God has me in a place where He wants to teach me patience. (I don't know if I'm doing well on that one.) He's teaching me hope. Perseverance. Faith. He's teaching me how to pray. I'm praying boldly for patience today. I'm also praying boldly that I'm the one to be chosen for this spot. It would mean so much to me to be able to work as a nurse 8 months sooner, for Shawn's parents to be in the States when I graduate, and to continue my studies over the summer instead of just working and waiting for school to start in the Fall. So please join me in prayer if you would! I'll keep you updated.

"I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope."
- Psalm 130:5


  1. A phrase from the devotional "Jesus Calling", has been milling in my head all week. RESTING IN HIS SOVEREIGNTY. I pray with you as you wait and pray that you can rest. I also hope you get a YES.


  2. Whitney, Shawn told me about this situation when he came to our office the other day. I have been praying for you both and hope that it all works out for you! Sometimes it's hard to wait for God's timing of things instead of our own personal timing. Hang in there! :)

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