My Picnic Blanket Skirt.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Since watching Great British Sewing Bee, I've been really inspired by one contestant - Tilly - and her inspiring sewing blog. Her picnic blanket skirt tutorial caught my eye, and I set out to make one myself.
Without further ado... my picnic blanket skirt.
I followed her tutorial step by step, using a mint pique fabric and my own fabric covered buttons. In the process, I somehow grossly overestimated how large the waist should be, so I actually made it a wrap skirt (thought you can't tell in the photos). The top button is functional, along with a hidden button on the inside of the waistband, but the rest of the buttons are just for looks. Next time I make it I'll use correct measurements and make all the buttons functional. For now, though, I loved this first attempt. I do have one correction to make - the top button is sitting glaringly off-centered because, for some reason, I put the buttonhole in horizontally instead of vertically. I'll fix it soon and it'll be officially finished.

Thanks, Tilly, for such a great tutorial!


  1. So cute! You're posts are making me want to clear out enough room to set up my sewing table!

  2. FYI buttons that can have strain, like at waist or down shirt front, are usually placed horizontal, so there is a little "give" in the button hole, rather than just poppint open. That said, cute skirt! And marking button holes is very difficult!

  3. Its beautiful, already visited Tilly and the buttons. Making me one soon.

  4. Much better and confident shots than last time.
    Why do i have a feeling that someone is slowly trying their hand at fashion blogging?? ;)
    Jokes apart u look so beautiful n delicate..i love the colour of the skirt..
    But I still miss Liam.
    Hope you are having a good day.


  5. You look darling!!! I love the sense of accomplishment on your face ~ you should be proud of your first attempt, you did a great job!

  6. You look adorable love the soft minty green color

  7. Mint green is a winner any day- but you found the ultimate perfect color and style! Let me know if you ever wanna sell it to me;) haha... But really.

  8. This is are beautiful!! I can't believe all the creative things you're good at... sewing, painting, re-purposing, jewelry-making... seriously! You are talented.

  9. Gah! It looks soooo gorgeous with fabric covered buttons! Thanks for your sweet words :)


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