Our girl.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Our brand new middle child has been feeling the strongest growing pains of any of us since becoming a family of 5, wrought with tantrums and whining and overall neediness for attention. It's totally expected - she's two and she's trying to find her place since she's no longer the baby - but it doesn't make it any less draining. 

So after I nursed the baby one afternoon last week, I took her out for a rare solo date. We shared snow cones, and afterwards, I threw out lots of ideas for where we could go. Would she like a new book from the bookstore? A trip to the park? The library? The dollar store? 

Every time, her response was the same: "No. I just want to go home." 

"Why, Lanie? Don't you want to do something fun with Mommy?" I pleaded with her.

"I jus' want to go to my home," she said. "I missing my bruhvers."

Perhaps the Lord has been working in her little heart more than I gave Him credit.


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  2. She is absolutely adorable! What a beautiful little heart she has too. :)

  3. So beautiful can't wait to see pictures of them all together great family you are raising both of you.

  4. Little princess:)
    Beautiful smile, did she take it from her mother?)
    Oh well, thanks for adding beauty in my day, gotta continue searching how to get around safeassign. But don't tell anyone.


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