love story

Part I - The night I met my husband
Part II - How I became friends with Shawn
Part III - The weekend I started to like Shawn
Part IV - My first road trip with Shawn
Part V - My first date with Shawn
Part VI - The night I became Shawn's girlfriend
Part VII - Our first time being really far apart
Part VIII - The next year
Part IX - Our engagement: A new ring
Part X - Wedding pictures here
Part XI - Our surprise baby on the way
Part XII - Liam's birth story

And the story continues...


  1. Sweet story, thanks for sharing. I look forward to the love stories God will write for my children. I used to love seeing Truth come to our church in Miami. I'm sure I saw your parents during that time. I also know a man who used to work for Truth as their financial guy...he baptized a couple of my children and has been a longtime friend of ours. Your parents might know him...his name is Leslie Williams.
    I loved reading how God brought you and Shawn together.

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  3. You sound like you went to school at BYU (where I went) with lots of Mormons and people with incredibly strong faith and values. You guys studied your bibles together and talked about God? I just love that. I haven't met many non-Mormons out here in North Carolina who truly do that daily. Thanks for sharing your story. I love how good he is to you. It reminds me of my husband and makes me so happy.

  4. This is crazy.....I've been following Ann Voskamp since the first chapter of One Thousand Gifts--it certainly changed my life along with following her blog--and I am not a blog follower, but she will lead you to some good ones... and love, love Tim Keller, so that's how I got to you.....Well, I love your love Jesus, your crafting, your precious Liam and Shawn's love story, your photography (I had a Brownie camera in my hand when I was 5!) and I am staying up way too late wanting to read more and more.... and then realize you are only just down the road from me!!!! I wish I could have welcomed you to Raleigh. I so want to downsize to a sweet little home like you are making, ----would have loved to bring our "overflow" from antiquing and decorating everyone else's home to share! The "stuff" just overwhelms and clutters your brain ..... Our youngest will take his bride in 6 weeks--help, I'll babysit you be creative for me! I can do it for anyone, not myself :) Would have loved to have gotten to the point to find out what church you all are at............. Well, a late welcome to Raleigh. I arrived 32 years ago this month to meet my husband within 6 weeks of that day--literally knowing what his name would be and 30 years later we are happier than we could have ever dreamed! It's a wonderful place to raise a family.

    1. Thank you, Susan! We are at Providence in Raleigh. :)


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