Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A few days ago, we were contacted by a writer from the Tennessean (Nashville's major newspaper) who wanted to feature us as the "Couple of the Week"! From what I understand, it's a full article about our relationship, engagement, and wedding with a few pictures. Pretty fun!

So last night, we spent over an hour on the phone with the woman who is writing the article and tried to tell her our story from the very beginning. She was a believer, too, and was so encouraging about our future. What a blessing!

Look for the article in the March 29th issue of the Tennessean. I'm not sure if it will be online, but if it is, I'll be sure to say so. And yes, we'll make sure we get about 20 extra copies. :)


  1. That's really cool guys! Would love to read/see it when it comes out.
    I'm so excited how God has been providing for you.
    Love and miss you guys.

  2. That is so awesome, y'all! What a cool opportunity. It would be quite ├╝berfl├╝ssig for me to say I'm proud.


  3. Hey girl, just thought I would check out your blog! Precious!!! You guys look amazing as usual. What a fun yet trying time you are in. I remember it well (you lived through some of them with us)! I will cherish those times forever. We had such a blast despite not having much money at all! We think of you guys often! Keep in touch! Love you!!!

  4. Congrats Whitney! I would love to read the article about you two!


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