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Saturday, April 11, 2009

If this isn't a God thing, I don't know what is.

After reading the Good Friday post below, my mom headed out to run some errands this morning. When she got in her car, she turned on the radio to put a CD in, and heard my voice. She heard me singing, as a little girl, the verse and the chorus of a song she couldn't quite put her finger on. And then she heard her own voice singing and recognized the song she and my dad wrote many years ago. It was for an Easter radio program for "Paws and Tales," a kids' radio show by Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll's ministry).

The words of the song just echoed the sentiment of yesterday's post:
May I not forget
All You've done for me
Dying for my sin on a hill called Calvary
May I not forget
The story ever true
Help my heart to remember
May I not forget You
His timing could not have been more perfect - had she turned it on 5 minutes later, she would've missed the whole thing. We certainly will not forget the true meaning of Easter this year. What a sweet surprise.

If you want to hear the song, click here and then click on "Listen to this week's episode." Scroll to where there is about 5:15 left in the broadcast and you'll hear the song. :)


  1. Whitney, I think this is the song I heard on the radio that morning also, if it is it's one of nicest EAster songs I ever heard and I have been trying like crazy to find out about it, the words, the music, who wrote it, who sang it. I was driving in the car when it played so I couldn't write anything down, all I remembered was May I not forget. I'm not sure it's the song I heard, but I sure would like to know if it is. Can you help me out?

  2. I wish I could help, but probably the best thing to do is get in touch with Paws & Tales (the link is in the post above). Another song you may be thinking of is "May We Never Forget" which was recorded by the Martins and by the Prestonwood Choir. Hope you're able to find it!!

  3. I found it on ITunes Paws & Tales Songs From the Wildwood 3. Love the song. You said your mother and dad wrote it? Who are they? The song from ITunes gives no credit to anyone but Paws & Tales. It may be on the CD box, but I bought just the one song on line. The ladies voice sounded very familiar on the song.

  4. Good - I'm so glad you found it! I had no idea it was on iTunes! My parents are Dick and Mel Tunney - they are Christian musicians and on staff at a church near Nashville, TN. Here's their website: They wrote the song and my mom is the woman singing. :)

  5. PLease tell them how much that song blessed me.
    Mary Rodgers

  6. I will definitely tell them. Thanks so much, Mary!


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