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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well, not exactly...

But I am really enjoying these little projects where I can quickly, easily (and cheaply) re-do the fabric and change the entire look of something!

So here's my latest endeavor:

Last night, Shawn and I found an incredible thrift store called Brown Elephant Resale Store in Lakeview (there are also locations in Wicker Park and Oak Park). Wow. They have everything from clothes to furniture to dishes to old records to... well... everything.

Our eyes immediately landed on this chair (for $10) and we knew it would be perfect for our desk. The back even matches our kitchen chairs. There were a few places that needed paint, but overall, it was in excellent condition.
But this fabric had to go.

We brought it to the counter and, lo and behold, there was a furniture sale going on! So the chair was only $7.50. Yes!

Next, we headed to a favorite shop of mine, Quiltology. They are one of a very few shops in the city who carry Amy Butler fabric here in the city. [Side note: I am so thankful for a husband who actually enjoys these kinds of things. And I really value his opinion, even when it comes to fabric! He is the best.]

We agreed on a pattern - we wanted something bold - and headed home. Shawn dropped me and the chair and the new fabric off and went to go park the car. [Another side note: Probably our least favorite thing about living in the city and having a car is trying to park it. We could pay $280/month for parking (uhh... no way) or spend lots of time scouring the city for a meter-less space. We choose the latter. By the time Shawn parked, I had almost finished recovering the chair!]

So without further ado, here is our final result:

I just unscrewed the chair seat, took off the original fabric, stapled the new fabric on the seat, and screwed the seat back in (with Shawn's help). I retouched a few places with white paint, too. It literally only took about 45 minutes. Also, I saved some fabric so that Grandma and I can make a pillow this summer out of the rest of it!

On a completely different note, I can't stop looking at (and photographing) these roses on my kitchen table.

The best part? $10 at Trader Joe's! Gotta love a good deal. :)


  1. um no way! that chair is amazing! were there more because oh my goodness! great job on recovering it- love the pattern!

  2. You're so cute. :) I don't think they had more, but they had TONS of other chairs and fun furniture, dishes, etc. We need to go sometime! You'd LOVE it! It's the best thrift store I've found in Chicago and they have 3 locations! Yeah!!


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