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Monday, June 8, 2009

As promised, here are the first things I've made with my new sewing machine!

First was a little clutch that took way longer than it should have, but I learned a lot through the process. The material is from an old shirt and some pants. I followed a pretty simple pattern and just altered it a little bit.

Next is a new pillow for our red chair! I found this fabric at Joann and just loved it. It's perfect for our living room. And now I'm looking for any other spot to make a pillow - they're so simple and make such a huge difference!

Lastly, remember the sewing table "before" pictures a few posts ago? Well, we gave her a little makeover - changed the paint and added new knobs. A completely new looking table that fits perfectly in our apartment - and no one would even know a sewing machine is hiding inside!

So we're ready for our next project... right, Shawn?



  1. love these whit!! where did you get the knobs?

  2. thanks! I got them from Anthropologie on sale... they may still have some like they do at our store!

  3. Hi, Whit!
    You have an amazing eye for stuff. I have to admit, the day we picked up that old sewing machine, I was kind of rolling my eyes a little. But you turned that around. You're amazing!

    Maybe we can talk about the hypoglycemic saga sometime.

    Big hugs and big love,


  4. Good job on the pillow and the clutch~ LOVE them both! I also LOVE the little table with the treasure of a sewing machine hid inside! I did some sewing the other day and made a pillow too! They do add a lot to a space!

  5. Thanks, Papa! Hope you guys are doing great!

    And Hannah, I love hearing from you. :) And if you're reading this, I think you should definitely start an Etsy shop. I'd be your first customer!


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