Photo update, part dos.

Friday, June 19, 2009

So where were we?

Oh yeah, Kelsey's birthday...

An impromptu photo shoot of the newly expanded Tunney family on Kelsey's couch.

This is my first Moody roommate, Kristen's, adorable little nephew who sat in front of me at graduation. Can you believe this is the only good picture I got at the entire ceremony? Yeah... none of the actual graduates turned out. I'm going to have to steal some from Erik. Isn't this little guy so cute? Those eyes...

I did get this one - the adorable brothers!

In an effort to document more of our time in the city (in the winter, it's so hard to drag a camera outside!), I've been carrying my camera around more. This was on a walk to the soccer field to visit Shawn. I was walking down State street and just love the green that is finally here and the beautiful homes.
Shawn's favorite new hangout.

There he is! He didn't see me at this point... or for about 10 minutes. He is a stud.

Again, trying to document... here is me before one of our impromptu Chipotle dates.

And here is our landlord. Or the back of him, at least. Many of you have heard stories. Enough said.

And then we went to Florida.
Juuuust kidding! We just took our Chipotle to the beach! It was a perfect night and feels like a city escape.

That is, until you look in my direction. That skyline is just so irresistible.

Thank you, summer, for finally visiting Chicago!

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