Sunday, August 16, 2009

This past week, we've had dinner guests on 3 different nights. It's just about our favorite thing to do!

On a couple gorgeous summer nights, we headed up to get a view of the city from our building's roof. It's about 20 stories up and you can see everything... the Sears Tower (ok, "Willis Tower" it's now called), the Hancock, Lake Michigan. The weather has been breathtaking this week, so it made our roof visits even better.

Mark & Mary Lynne have been dear friends of ours and, as of Sunday, will be moving back home to Oregon. Mark and Shawn were roommates, and God really answered every prayer Shawn had about who his college roommate would be. He has been such a faithful friend. And they are pretty hilarious together. We will miss them, but will definitely have to make a trip out to Oregon now that my sister and her new husband are there, too!







Two nights ago, we had the privilege of having Jonathan - my mom's cousin - over for dinner (we couldn't figure out what that makes us - second cousins?). We figured out that it had been 9 years since we saw each other last. But it didn't seem that any time had passed. When you're brothers and sisters in Christ, there's an undeniable connection there. We had such refreshing conversation with him and we look forward to living in the same town as he does in just a few months!


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  1. Awe, so just RAWR I love it all! You guys are great.


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