Treasure hunting.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday is my day off, and I decided to scout out a few antique shops and thrift stores around town... one of the most relaxing things to do.

First, I looked around Edgewater Antique Mall and a couple other antique stores around Chicago's north side and while I did find a few things, I just couldn't bring myself to spend what they were asking.

I did find this adorable cookbook from the early 1940's:

It is fascinating to look through! I laughed when I read a chapter entitled "For the Invalid" and recipes for "Veal Salad to Serve 100" and all kinds of congealed salads (full of meat, mayonnaise, etc... yum). They do have quite a few baking recipes which I was excited to find, though about 90% of them call for quite a bit of shortening. Does anyone know a substitute for shortening that I could try?

I especially loved this ad with the adorable now-vintage stove:

And this "recipe" made me smile: :)

Here's the one thing I've made so far: strawberry muffins (very, very good).
On my way home, I happened to pass a Salvation Army and so I stopped in... and found incredible deals.
A $0.40 clock - that works! Forty cents! I couldn't believe it.

Vases for $0.90 each.

A milk glass candy dish for $0.90.

And last but not least, these were not from the thrift store, but I had to take pictures because I love them. When Mom and Dad were recently in Turkey, they brought back a set of 4 bowls that all have a very similar but slightly different design. Here's one of them:

I just looove them and, even more, love that Mom knows me so well to bring back the perfect gift.

Ok, time for our Sunday night date... hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

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