A trip down memory lane.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dear Kelsey,

I was reminiscing this morning and just happened to run across some photos of us, and I knew it was time for them to make their online debut.

I had about the best childhood imaginable and so much of that is because I got to be by Kelsey's side from the very beginning.

Our first official picture together.
Me: 15 months old.
Kelsey: Minutes old.

This one always makes me laugh! No one realized until after they saw this picture that we were wearing the wrong outfits. Oops! :)

At Disneyworld... having loads of fun, obviously.

Our famous matching - same shirts, different colors. At Opryland Hotel - a Christmas tradition!

Outfits made by Mom.

Our baptism day (holding prayer books). We were baptized on the same day in 1993 and the water heater had broken... freezing but so memorable! Dresses by Grandma.

Thanksgiving Day in Grandma & Grandpa's garage. She's already about to pass me in height!

Halloween. So typical.

Again, typical outfits here.
Kelsey: Raider's hat (they were one of her favorite teams).
Me: huge bow.

One of several cruises we went on - with our Ukrainian waiter. I love Kelsey's huge smile in this one. :)

Ok, embarrassing.
I think this was the first day of school in 5th grade for me and 4th grade for Kels. I was really into slicking my hair back and spraying it to make sure there were no bumps. Oh, and apparently wearing socks with sandals. Kels loved Pooh and Nikes.

After one of Mom and Dad's concerts. Lovely dresses by Grandma.

Another first day of school pic. These are a bit out of order, but I think this was the first day of 2nd grade for me and 1st grade for Kels? Loving the Looney Toons theme.

Another very typical Halloween picture, though this year we spent the holiday in an airport (and wore the outfits on the plane...). I was Little Bo Peep. Kelsey was a Cowboys player.

Spy club! We were sooo into Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen videos and, like them, loved playing detective - using our spy kits to spy on babysitters. :)

Oh, first day pic again! 6th and 7th grade. Meet my brother, Kels. Juuust kidding. (I can only say this because she's grown into a beautiful woman, as seen in her wedding pics! No one would ever know she might have been called "sir" a few times in her life. Umm.. except everyone now.) :)

Outside of Alcatraz.

On the Empire State building during our New England vacation. Such a fun couple of weeks!

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's.

Last minute Halloween costumes we put together with Jen - our favorite babysitter!

Such an incredible memory! Singing "Soon and Very Soon" in a talent show on a cruise to Alaska. We made lifelong friends!

Oh the hair! First day of school our sophomore and junior years?

Time flies, huh? Can't believe we're both married women!

I love you,

PS - Please don't hate me for this. :)

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  1. this makes me smile! you guys were so precious!!! i remember the costumes and going to the mall for bags of candy! fun times!!!


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