Saying goodbye to Elm Street.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Before we began dismantling our apartment and packing it piece by piece into boxes, Shawn and I took some pictures to document our first home.

If I haven't said this enough, we have relished our time here. Every minute of it. It has been the perfect backdrop to our new lives together and we've had a blast making it feel like "home" with lots of wedding gifts, Craigslist and thrift store finds. And most importantly, it has provided a place where countless friends and family have gathered. What a privilege. You, precious friends, have made this truly home for us. Our weekly (or more often than that) dinner gatherings have been the highlight of this season of our lives.

We will miss having the city as our headboard and the gorgeous morning light that streams in.


We will miss this view from our bed.



We'll miss the french doors that open up to our breakfast nook, our favorite spot in the apartment.




Our "corner office." :)


I (Whitney) will miss this perfect spot for my morning devotions. This chair was given to us and we have loved it more than we ever expected. I have loved making my morning tea, lighting the candle, and meeting with the Lord.



I had to include this only because of what was on the screen... and what is always on the screen if Shawn is home... the wonderful Glenn Beck.


And a few other details of our home....







I hope you've enjoyed the tour.

The End.

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  1. Sad, sad, sad. Should I start crying now or wait till next week?! Don't go!


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