Change of plans.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps."
- Proverbs 16:9

This could not be truer of our journey right now. As you all know, Shawn and I are currently in Nashville with all of our stuff in boxes in my parents' garage. We planned to spend a couple months here in preparation for our move to Dallas for Shawn to attend seminary.

Well, plans have drastically changed. We've decided to stay in Nashville.

Let me just say that I was the last person to see this coming. But I'll also say that I feel so much peace about our decision and how the Lord is leading.

As Shawn and I were praying separately about this next season of our lives, we both felt uneasy about our move to Dallas, as promising as it seemed. Shawn would attend seminary and work part-time, and I would work full-time.

But as we spent time in Nashville, God began to open doors that were undeniable to anyone. A little yellow house opened up for us to live in - with a guest room, a sunroom that overlooks a little pond, a white kitchen with hardwood floors, a front porch, and even a place for a craft room. I could go on and on. What a blessing. Shawn has already gotten several photography/design gigs that will tide us over while he looks for full-time work. We already have a church that we love and are so looking forward to being a part of. And possibly the biggest reason for our new plan is that here in Nashville is one of the best accelerated nursing programs in the country. I'll start taking pre-requisite classes in January to begin full-time school in August. We figured that from a financial standpoint, it made a lot more sense for me to get a nursing degree and then put Shawn through seminary (which is still part of our plan).

All that to say, we are confident that this is what God has for us - He really couldn't be clearer. And needless to say, my parents (who lives 8 minutes away from our new house) are pretty thrilled as well. :)


  1. oh, good for you two for being willing to let God change your course! but, i must admit, i am sad you won't be in dallas! just earlier while the boys were playing ball, i was thinking, "i need to invite them over for dinner when they get here." ha! i know your parents must be thrilled, and it will make it tons easier for you ALL to be together when kelsey comes home.

  2. oh man! sweet! i wish i knew you guys were going to stay earlier... i just booked a photographer for our wedding, but i am so excited to here that you will be in the wonderful middle tn. we should meet up over christmas break if you have time. i would love to catch up! i will be praying for you guys as you figure everything out. God is so good and i know He will comfort and guide you as always.


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