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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm sitting in a rocking chair on our new front porch, listening to the crickets chirp, looking out at acres of beautiful land and trees in gorgeous fall hues. We live in the country now. I can't say I thought I'd ever say that (quite the change from our last apartment, obviously) but it already feels like home.

I promise to take some pictures of our new home soon - it is so charming - but for now, I wanted to catch up with some other pictures I've taken over the last week or so. With no internet for a week, I definitely have some catching up to do!

Last Sunday, our family friends Michael and Jan invited us to their house for a bonfire with their church small group (which Mom and Dad are a part of). It was in Columbia, Tennessee and Dad and Shawn decided to bike the 27 miles there. What studly men.





It was the perfect, crisp fall night. Surrounded by lots of familiar faces and a few new ones, we sat around the fire, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and ate "hobo stew."


Mom is the ultimate kid magnet. Here she is with sweet Olivia. All night long, we heard the kids calling, "Miss Mel! Miss Mel!" although it sounded more like "Miss May-el!" with their sweet southern accents. Adorable.




Has anyone heard of "hobo stew" before? I hadn't, but I loved the idea. Everyone brings a can of something that would go in stew (beans, tomatoes, meat) but they take the label off and dump it in. It's a complete surprise what it will come out like. Apparently, it was very good!


Let's just say, Mom likes her hot dogs very well done.

More like charred. See exhibit A.

After the sun went down, Dad pulled out his famous accordion for some campfire songs.

We sang more kid songs that anything (which was fun because everyone knew them!). "This little light of mine," "If you're happy and you know it"...


Oh yes, and the Hokey Pokey. :)


We ended with "Kumbayah" (how could you not?).

What a beautiful night.
Thank you, Hayes family.
And thank you, Tennessee, for welcoming us so well.

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