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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Shawn's photography site is now up and running!
And it is gorgeous.

Take a look:

If you go to the upper right hand corner, you can click on "next" to see lots of beautiful samples of his work.

He does wedding photography, family photography (need a Christmas card picture?), headshots, and more. You can find his rates under the "about me" section.

If I were someone looking for a photographer, one thing I really appreciate about Shawn is that you don't have to order prints through him. Lots of photographers charge for prints, but Shawn edits all of the photos then gives them to the customer on a high quality CD so they can print and reprint as much as they like (at somewhere like Costco where the prints are excellent, and dirt cheap!). Our wedding photographer also did this and we appreciated it so much.

I'm so proud of him for all the work that has gone into this and for the quality of his work. He has such an amazing eye. Also, thanks so much to Erik for helping make this website a reality. Your expertise is so, so appreciated.

So if you need an engagement, wedding, or family photographer, let him know, ok? :)

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