Our week in pictures.

Monday, November 9, 2009

On Wednesday evening, we welcomed our first official house guest.


Michael and Shawn have been friends since 3rd grade and have stayed close through the years. If you were at our wedding, you may remember the incredibly beautiful prayer he wrote and read to begin the service. It is always such a privilege to spend time with him (especially 4 and a half days!) and we feel just like family.

First on the agenda was the rope swing. But not just swinging. Jumping off of a 6-foot ladder onto the swing. Boys will be boys.





Aren't they adorable? I loved how they were matching. :) And everywhere we went, people asked if we were in a band or if we were famous (to which we always responded "yes").



A band shot. They really do sound great together when they play guitar and sing.


We roasted marshmallows in the chiminea on two nights.


We introduced Michael to our favorite family and watched a couple soccer games in perfect weather.


The boys played tennis.



And last but not least, they became manlier by the minute as they rewired our dining room light fixture and created a new one!


This was the view for an hour or so.... poor Michael.



But it WORKED! I flipped on the light switch and the outlet they installed totally worked! Can you see the testosterone levels rising?



And here's the finished product which we just adore. It was under $30 for everything!



While they were at it, they also hung another window in the guest room, which Shawn and I had finished painting on the day Michael arrived.



(Kirra, this room needs your help. Badly. I don't really like how I made the bed and I just want it to feel a lot more cozy. Ideas, please?)

Michael, thanks so much for coming to see us and for your hard work in helping to make our home even homier. We love you so much and can't wait to see you in a month!

While Michael was in town and staying with us, our good friend Cherry was also visiting from Michigan and staying with Mom while Dad is in Argentina. 


She brought down the most amazing wedding gift for us... a china cabinet!


It's from the 1920s and is just perfect.

And see all this gorgeous china? $15 at a yard sale in Leiper's Fork. Can't beat that!



(Kirra, I'm needing your help again. This is probably the best place for the china cabinet, but I don't think I like having china in it. Maybe books? It just looks a little grandmotherly for my taste.)

Anyway, Cherry was so sweet to also buy me this gorgeous bird bath and Mom bought the gourds (they're dried gourds that look like pears!).



What a blessing this past week and weekend was to us.
Our hearts are so full.


  1. What a lovely week, Whitney. Your home is wonderful!!!! Love the light -- Joey and I might copy it! : )

    And I agree about the china cabinet; the china is AWESOME (we collect sets -- not new ones of course -- yard sales, goodwill, gleaned from my parents) but I think books and pictures even would look great. or even candles of different heights, sizes, colors that blend -- nothing that matches. Joey is the real talent in that area...he'd be glad to give you some suggestions.

    Love you both...come see us in Columbia soon.

    Joey and Kim Scruggs, FBC, Columbia

  2. Hi friend,
    Ok, loving the cool light above the kitchen table. You little clever lovie! It's gorgeous! And I love the window above the guest room bed too! I think if you paint the bed frame you'll feel better. I think that's what's throwing it off. I can't really tell what the rest of the room looks like- but I can tell that I love that dresser! Did you get that there? I'm coming to TN. Tomorrow. Because $15.00 china? You've got to be kidding me! (Yeah for the China Cabinet!) And I think books will look perfect it in. BUT I think if you can you should fill it with all old books. It would look so cool. "Ya'lls" books would look good in it too- I just love old books! :) I miss you!

  3. I love all of your pictures Whitney. I feel like I've already been a visitor in your home vicariously. :) The window-light is genius! Just love it. Watch our HGTV!

  4. Kim - you'd love the light thing if you did it! It adds so much warmth to our home! And I think your idea is great - books, pictures, something more living room-ish. Hope to see you soon!

    Kirra - Please come to Franklin!! I think of you every day here and how much you'd love it. There are an abundance of fun antique shops and junk stores with things we wouldn't call junk. :) The place I got the windows (for $12 each - any size) is called Rooster Tails and it's adorable. Ok and the brown dresser in the guest room? It's actually from my nursery as a baby! It was passed through our family, and is now back to me... with the original shelf paper inside. :) Love you!

    Donna - Thank you!! We are loving our home. I'm thankful for a husband who supports all the decorating, too! :)


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