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Saturday, November 21, 2009


This, friends, is our new favorite snack.

Who knew fruit could be this heavenly and delicious?


Drooling yet?

If you've never had one, don't be afraid of it! You just cut it open and pull out the seeds and eat them. They're like nature's sour candy and soo good for you.


Secondly, let's just put this in the category of something I said I'd never do.

A worm compost bin.


Shawn was so sweet to drill holes in the bottom of a large plastic bin to make a home for some wormies. :) (Ilene, do you recognize the bin?)

Then we put in some cardboard and some other paper, wet leaves, and some soil and added a bit of water and let it sit for a day or so.


Then we added this guy.
And about 24 of his friends.


I was actually brave enough to buy them and put them in myself, but I had Shawn dig some of them up to take a picture. They looked fat and happy, chomping on pomegranate rinds, kale, and squash peel (in this picture). And hopefully, in just a few months, we'll have rich, organic soil to use for a vegetable garden!

Happy Saturday!

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