Great opportunity for bloggers!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a business called Hotels Combined that currently offers to give $20 to a charity of your choice if you blog about their organization. Hotels Combined is a search engine that searches over 900,000 hotel deals worldwide for the best price possible. The aim of this promotion is to help spread the word about the company in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

It's completely free to you - you choose the charity, they donate the money!

I am asking them to send $20 to the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti.


So here's how you can help:

If you have a blog, mention Hotels Combined in a post and they will donate $20 to your chosen charity (just email them with the URL and your chosen charity).

If you become a fan on Facebook, Hotels Combined will donate $5 to your chosen charity (simply sign into Facebook, become a fan, then post a commend on their Facebook profile indicating your choice).

And if you twitter about them, they'll donate $10 to your chosen charity.

Giving to worthwhile charities or ministries can't get much easier than that!


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