Missing Argo.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Last night I had the TV on and flipped over to this silly show...

{This ad just so happened to be on a billboard right outside our bedroom window in Chicago.}

Before I knew it, scenes of our beloved Chicago flickered on the screen.
They showed lots of touristy spots: the Bean in Millennium Park, joggers along the lakefront, and tourists on Michigan Avenue. My eyes were glued to the TV. Of course, they showed all of these scenes in the summer, so it was even more alluring.

But then... Giuliana and a friend walked into Argo Tea.
Not just any Argo, but our Argo (if we could claim it) on Rush and Pearson.

And my heart ached for Chicago.

It didn't even matter the conversation that Giuliana and her friend were having. I was too focused on what was going on in the background of one of my most familiar spots in the city. I recognized both baristas behind them: the sweet, quiet Asian woman who always wore a green bandana and the tall, lanky barista who always seemed a tad aloof but was always in a good mood.

I know it's a chain tea shop and there are more quaint spots in the city, but I made a thousand memories in that room.

I remember trekking there through wet snow with a scarf wrapped around my face in defense of the wind and it seemed like way more than a few blocks from Moody. But it was so worth it once inside!

I remember studying my Bible there at the bar near the window, which sometimes led to deep conversations with strangers about life and faith.

I remember walking there "to do homework" with Shawn before we were dating. We'd look for a table near an outlet to plug our computers in, but when none were available, we'd use it as an excuse to talk for hours.

I remember taking both sets of parents there - a rarity considering they live in different countries - and being thrilled and excited that we'd be married soon!

I remember reconciling a friendship there.

I remember having my wallet stolen there as I tried to help a woman (who had set me up).

I remember Saturday morning dates with my new husband where we'd walk a few blocks south from our apartment, split a scone, and welcome the weekend.

So if you have the privilege of being near an Argo, stop in!
If it's cold outside (and I'm sure it is) and you like something sweet, I recommend the Valentea Passion. It's not on the menu and most baristas argue that it's sickeningly sweet, but I love it nonetheless.
If you like something more creamy (and caffeinated) my personal fave is the Earl Gray Vanilla Cream. It's as sweet and fattening as it sounds, but it warms your very soul.

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  1. awwww! i love it!!!! go argo. earl gray vanilla cream. make my DAY! wish you still lived here more than anything.


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