Snowed in.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


For days, Nashville weathermen had been predicting up to 9 inches of snow on Friday, but many were doubtful because they almost always seem to overestimate things. Schools close before a snowflake has even hit the ground in anticipation of a blizzard, but then we get a little snow but nothing accumulates and everyone is disappointed.

Well, this time the weathermen did not disappoint! Actually, it was even worse than they had originally predicted.

Shawn and I both worked yesterday morning, and decided to meet up in Cool Springs around 12:30 for lunch. The snow was falling steadily, but it still seemed ok.

I got off work at noon, and I carefully drove out of the neighborhood, making new tracks as I went. It was very slick, I could tell that much, but I thought it would clear up by the time I got to a main road.

Either way I turned, I'd be going up a steep hill, so I didn't have much choice. My heart raced as I precariously made it to the top of one hill, only to be greeted with a "15mph" sign on a steep downhill ahead, along with a very sharp turn. I felt paralyzed. And to make things worse, my gas light came on.

Here's the thing about snow and ice in Nashville. Not only do people have no idea to drive in it (we only average 9 inches of snow per YEAR here!), but there are just a few working salt trucks in the entire county! Also, there are hills. Monstrous hills. Definitely the worst part.

I stopped the car at the top of the hill and turned it off, trying to plan my next move. It was steep in both directions. A car behind me drove around me, attempted the downhill ahead, and landed in the ditch. I started to cry.

Just then, another car came up behind me, turned its flashers on, and a man got out of the car. It was an angel - in the form of a Nigerian man - who came to my rescue! He cleaned off my windshield again, told me to take a deep breath (sounding just like Mr. Eko from LOST), and gave me some tips on how to make it safely down the hill, assuring me it flattened out and I could turn into a neighborhood and wait for my husband.

I made it, praise God, thanks to the Nigerian angel (who knew that an African man would know so much about snow?). :)

After about 30 more minutes of treacherous driving, I made it to Shawn so we could ride back together. The snow continued falling on top of a thick layer of ice underneath. I had already seen 5 other cars that had run off the road before meeting up with Shawn.

We prayed before heading home, asking God to protect us from other cars and from black ice and would allow us to get home. He answered by sending a salt truck - one of very few around here - to drive right in front of us, plowing and salting almost our entire way home. We made it home in about 2 hours (which would normally be a 25 minute trip) but were so thankful to be in and safe.


And now, we're soaking it all in. This beautiful, fluffy snow continues to fall and has cancelled all of our plans for more than 24 hours now. Instead, we're making hot chocolate and watching movies. And that is fine with us!

{Just after getting home yesterday.}

{The backyard.}

{The front porch.}

{The back yard, again.}


{Are you sure we're in Franklin?!}

{My brave driver attempting to run errands this afternoon. We got about a half mile and turned around.}


{The driveway has disappeared.}

{This is the "main" road... obviously nothing has been done. No plowing or salting. Tennessee just shuts down when it snows!}

{The main road again.}


{The lack of driveway, again.}

{This was about the moment we decided to turn around.}


{The neighbors.}



  1. i love it! i'm glad you made it safely! we just got lots of ice, which still made it dangerous. but it's still pretty!

  2. So beautiful! My family in Missouri keep sending me "snow updates" and I'm so jealous. I guess it's a fair trade for all the warm living on the ocean updates I send them from Florida! :) Glad you guys are safe!

    PS. I received my jewelry today and absolutely LOVE it! Thanks again so much!

  3. i love it! so pretty! enjoy it friend!


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