Sunday, February 14, 2010

My heart is heavy tonight for this young woman.

Her name is Eva and we've never met.

Sometimes I feel like we have, though, because I've been reading her blog off and on for over a year now.

Eva has Cystic Fibrosis. She has already received a double lung transplant (can you even imagine?) - and had a documentary made about it - but found out several months ago that her body was rejecting her new lungs. So she began waiting for a second double lung transplant, but now it seems that it will be too late. She is 23.

You might think that a girl in Eva's situation might be depressed, or at least ask, "Why me?". She may just curl up and ask God to take her. I'm sure I'd be tempted to do that if I were in her situation.

But Eva has chosen just the opposite. She has lived her short life to the fullest, basking in the love of her family and friends who adore her. Her life is one of passion and strength, and yet she is peacefully letting go of it very shortly.

I'm sorry I'm just now introducing her to you, if you haven't heard of her. Her blog tonight made me hug Shawn a little tighter, pray for peace for her dear family, and thank God that I can breathe. I've always taken that for granted.


  1. Just bawled my eyes out reading some of those posts from her blog. Very moving.


  2. Hey Whitney,

    This is Carrie Pazdziora... We met a few years ago via Kevin & Bekah Howell, and then were in Contemporary Strategies for Women's Ministry together. I've been following your blog for a while for your lovely pictures, thought-provoking posts, and creative ideas. {I've finally got my own blog going now, so feel free to come by and set a spell.:)} I admit, though I know you miss the city, I envy your country home. I'm from North Carolina, and also spent a while in/around Nashville a few years back. Miss it so!!! (Maybe we should house-swap for vacations sometime... :) So I appreciate the beautiful pictures you post of around your home. Anyway, good to "meet" you again. Thanks for making this post about Eva, too... Made my heart sad, though inspired.


  3. I have asthma, but it is only a problem when I have bad allergies, a cold, bronchitis, etc. I definitely take my lungs for granted when I'm not symptomatic.

    My sister lost her fiance to CF a few years ago. Very sad.


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