The little things.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some things just make me happy.

{Open roses on my kitchen table}

Provence tea from Franklin Tea shop
Endless amounts of paper and ribbon strewn about the craft room
Gluten-free lemon berry muffins
Kisses from my husband before work
Kisses from my husband after work
Driving the XTerra on hilly country roads
Turning on the heat in our house and putting my cold feet next to the vent
Foggy mornings
NPR radio
My church family
My blood family
My married-into family
Baths before bedtime
Anything painted white and antiqued
Unexpected packages in the mail
"The Color Purple" soundtrack blaring as I paint
Crossing off things on my to-do list
Catching up with friends and feeling like no time has passed
The way God's heart beats for the poor

What makes you happy?


  1. Hot tea, Arrested Development, Bubble baths, Shopping!!!

  2. Being kicked from the inside.
    Toddler kisses.
    My husband reaching out to hold my hand while walking.

  3. Morning sunlight
    A husband so sweet & kind
    Living in Chicago
    Going home to California
    My family & friends
    Latte bowls from Anthro
    My nephews
    The sunshine
    The assurance of salvation found only in the gospel
    Sprinkles cupcakes
    Fresh flowers
    Lace & frill of any kind

    I love you! And I'm counting down the days till you're in Chicago. Eek!

  4. these are a few of my favorite things:

    -coffee with creamer and sugar, pls.
    -happy tape, red and white twine, and pretty paper
    -the Philippines (and traveling, really)
    -OPI nailpolish
    -my family and dear friends
    -creativity (writing and art)
    -the Ryans ;)

    i could go on and on - love the post! and love you more, whit! :)


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