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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last night we got to spend a little time with this guy.


Well, us... and thousands of screaming fans.

It was an incredible concert and a very welcomed break to what has recently become our very hectic life. With both of us working (Shawn actually has 3 jobs right now) and me taking classes toward my nursing degree, it's just a lot right now.

So to sit back and enjoy everything from "Comfortable" to "Half of My Heart" to "No Such Thing" (ok, those are just some of my favorites) was such a treat.

We love John Mayer - especially Shawn, who has loved his music from before he was so big.
We don't love or condone what John Mayer says in certain interviews.
We were impressed, though, with what seemed to be an honest, humble apology. It even came with tears - a rare glimpse into the very human hearts that we sometimes forget celebrities have.
Click here to see the apology video.

Thank you, Tony and Christina, for the free tickets! You blessed us last night.

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