Thursday, March 11, 2010

When storm clouds dim the path ahead

My heart is prone to fear

Until I glimpse Thy outstretched hand

That bids me to draw near

They peace that only Thou imparts

Has made my soul to rest

No, never will my God depart

Until with Thee I'm blessed

For I am feeble, weak, deprived

My works cannot suffice

My wretched soul condemned to die

Without Thy sacrifice

But rich in mercy Thou hast been

And still will be today

My confidence and dearest Friend

My Guide that leads the way

What love is this that Thou would bear

To suffer on that tree?

To die for me, a sinner, there

Thou treasured even me

To Thee, Lord, I commit my soul

My confidence is thine

Support me, Father, make me whole

Display Thy might divine

Oh may I never boast again

Apart from my rebirth

That Thou Thine only Son should send

As Savior to the earth

My seat set firmly next to Thee

Claims victory over all

New life is what is given me

And triumph o'er the fall

I know that all I ask or think

Is smaller than Thy plan

Enlarge my vision and my faith

And offer grace to stand

Enlarge my vision and my faith

And offer grace to stand

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