Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tonight, I'll be teaching 50 eager students to paint this:

{Sunflowers, by Van Gogh}
I'm thrilled and scared to death all at once. (I've been assisting for a couple weeks, but have never taught.) More than anything, I'm thankful that teaching people to paint is my job. Never thought I could be paid to have so much fun. What a gift!

(Any prayers on my behalf would be greatly appreciated.) :)


  1. so excited for you, friend!
    btw your blog looks better every week.

    lvoe ya!!!!

  2. Whitney, this is Lori (used to be Shand) from BA. I saw your blog in your FB status one time and I just love reading it! I assume you teach at Sips N Strokes; my friends and I are scheduling a night to come soon, so maybe you will be there!

  3. Lenes - see you TOMORROW!

    Lori - hi! yes, I teach at Sips 'N Strokes (well, as of tonight). you and your friends would LOVE it. it is so relaxing and fun and you leave with a beautiful piece of art. i'll be teaching about 4 times in april and assisting many other times, so i'll probably see you! :)

  4. so cool!! where is sips 'n strokes? i want to come! too bad im in memphis...

  5. it's in cool springs (just south of Starbucks on Carothers). people come and sip wine and learn to paint! it's a blast... you'd love it, allison!! we have classes every night of the week except sunday.

  6. As a student of Mrs. Newby, I want to say that she did a WONDERFUL job teaching. I painted the sunflower per her instructions, and I love it! Can't wait till the next class . . .


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