Friday, April 16, 2010

Have you ever made bagels from scratch? It's seriously not hard and so rewarding.
(Unfortunately, not as rewarding for me anymore as I can't taste them... they're not gluten free. But very rewarding when I get smiles and satisfied groans from my husband!)

And here's a little glimpse of my kitchen counter...



Nothing like working with dough.
It does a [baker's] heart good.


  1. yummy! and major kudos on your baking skills. i'm afraid of yeast and dough! great job, they look delicious!

  2. i have actually tried to make bagels but they have never turned out like i had hoped - did you shape these before you baked them? and did you boil them? mine always seem to fall apart, and they are never as fluffy as ones i can get from bagel bakeries...

  3. Elizabeth - you can do it!! You just have to make sure the water is the right temperature and you give everything lots of time to rise. Try it! So satisfying. :)

    Brittney - I did shape them before baking them, then I boiled them as well. I think it's key to make sure they're somewhat small and you give them plenty of time to rise so the dough is stretchy and not crumbly. Does that make sense? You should try it again! This recipe really does work!!


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