He is so good.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010



  1. This is my FAVORITE verse! (theme of my blog) I love this translation, too! Never read it before- what version is this? Thanks for the reminder of such a beautiful promise!!

  2. Hey Mallory! It's one of my favorites too... and I had never read it in this version (or if I had, I didn't remember it). It's in the Message. I'm glad it encouraged you. :)

  3. i love this verse it's so hope filled. and i too like that version. your blog is a blessing. it's so wonderful to see fellow believers loving Christ and life abundant.

    i can't figure out how to email you! thus the comment. i think i saw a cream (rosalie perhaps) ring on your shop site but alas it's disapeared. is it possible to get another one? i'd really like one. it's terrific that part of your proceeds support such a worthy cause. thanks SO much!

  4. Elizabeth,
    So sorry it's confusing to email me! I need to figure out how to put my profile/email address back on here...
    Anyway, I do have more rosalie rings. Here's the listing:


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