My camera's new little outfit.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I try
to live by that "motto" and stretch myself creatively each and every day. It may mean trying a new recipe or even rearranging a shelf. It can be big or little, but it's important (at least to me) to keep your life colorful and fresh.

Today's creative venture was to make a camera strap slipcover. Sounds so petty at first, but it really does add so much to an otherwise dull strap. I wanted a little femininity for my camera, which goes almost everywhere with me. 

I bought 1/4 yards of two different kinds of fabric, then just played around with it until I had the perfect size. It fits snuggly over the strap so it won't fall off, but it can be taken off pretty easily as well. I wish I could post a tutorial - and maybe I will someday! - but honestly, I don't have the sewing lingo in my vocabulary quite yet. 

But if you try it out for yourself, feel free to ask me questions! I was pretty happy with the final product, I must say. I few little ruffles on top of black and cream damask... just lovely. :)

Say hello to my camera's new outfit:




  1. I LOVE it!! I have used that same fabric to make a diaper bag and baby sling for Emily...I love the green with it...nice touch!

  2. How fun!! I love that fabric, too. So glad we ran into you guys yesterday - Memphis looked adorable in all white! :)


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