A boy and his piano.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

For the first three days of this week, Shawn was away on business. "Away on business." Never really thought I'd say that. But while he was in east Tennessee, I was home alone and this one pesky thought would not leave my mind.

"I should surprise him while he's gone. With a piano."

Since we've been married, every time I ask what Shawn wants for a holiday or a birthday gift, his response is: "A piano." Then we laugh. There's just no way we can afford such a huge purchase.

But I started scanning the internet and found this place: Nashville Piano Rescue. On Monday morning, my dad and I travelled about an hour outside of town to visit and I fell hopelessly in love with a 1900 Schomacker victorian upright. And the dealer offered me an amazing deal. And it not only looked beautiful but sounded beautiful. There was no turning back.

On Wednesday, just a couple hours before Shawn pulled in our driveway, our newest addition was delivered. When Shawn arrived from out of town, my dad was at the piano and began playing "I Believe in You and Me" in the other room. At first, Shawn just thought it was a recording and was confused. But just before we turned the corner, he figured it out and said, "That is not a piano.... that is not a piano!" with the biggest smile stretched across his face. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the love of your life so elated.

Here's a little glimpse of how it went. { Oh, and please excuse my video camera skills - or lack thereof. :) }

Isn't she beautiful? For being 110 years old, she's in excellent condition.


I mean, how could you not fall in love?
(The dealer threw in the bench for free - and I had just enough time to re-cover it before he came home.)


My favorite part, of course.


Our family. At our piano.


That's a happy face if I've ever seen one.



  1. that's so fun!! enjoy singing and playing along :)

  2. LOVE IT! What a beautiful piano! You are such a great wife! :)

  3. Love the video! And love the piano. What a find! And what a fun surprise for Shawn. You did good!

  4. how wonderful! and on another "note" i think your video skills are just terrific! enjoy your music!

  5. Taylor and I LOVE the piano! And that video was so fun- hello, you are a pro at everything! I cannot get over how gorgeous it is. Way to go you sweet wife!!!! Your hubby is so blessed!!!!

  6. LOVE IT!! What a find!
    FUN video!
    2nd time I watched it, made me cry.....
    love u

  7. You have such a beautiful home. Great video!

  8. So darling! Loved this. There is nothing quite so splendid as a happily married couple.

  9. Thanks for starting my morning with a smile! This was precious and I am so happy for you both! The video made it all come alive. : )

  10. Lovely piano!!! And, to echo everyone else, the video was so fun! :)

  11. Wow, I kept seeing this link pop up on my webpage but the link didn't work. I kept thinking Schomacker ?? who? what? Now I remember! Glad you are enjoying it. I just realized I look pretty bald in that video! LOL oh well :)

    J Christie
    Nashville Piano Rescue


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