Sisters of Leonsyo

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I just found this Etsy shop today and fell in love.

These necklaces are handcrafted in Uganda using pieces of magazines and calendars.
I quickly glanced at their sales and noticed "0 sales."
That needs to change.
I was honored to buy the first item they've sold (the necklace you see above), and I want to offer that whoever buys something from their shop, please email me at and I'll send you a free ring of your choice from my shop as a thank you for helping.

Anyone in? 

PS - If you buy something from a similar shop that supports women in Africa, my offer still stands. Here are some more to choose from (among many more, I'm sure):
People Weaver
Think Humanity
Support UVP
147 Million Orphans


  1. i love my rings i bought from your store and even more your heart for ministry! you threw in an extra ring which i adore, so I'll count that as my blessing from you. I'll commit to purchasing something to assist africa. I read a beautiful and humbling blog called kisses from katie and i believe there is a shop associated with her ministry. i'll let you know when i make my purchase.

  2. I found my way to your blog after hearing your husband sing this morning at our worship service. It was amazing and GOd was all over our worship this morning. I continued to read your blog and was excited to see your etsy shop and the others you listed in this post. I am a scrapbooking/painting/sewing/jewelry making (trying)/anything crafty kind of girl. So your posts on that and the heart you have for God were so wonderful to find. Your love of the Lord is a perfect reflection of the beauty of your parents love for Him. I plan on purchasing something from one of these shops - so THANK YOU for sharing them, and thank you for your heart for Jesus.


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