Weekend highlights.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This weekend was perfect - long, slow, restful, and spent with my love.

I did some crafting.
Admired roses from my mom's garden.IMG_4405
Squeezed fresh limeade.IMG_3698
Enjoyed my new favorite snack - roasted green beans with sea salt. Yum.IMG_4203
This little guy helped me with weeding (the never-ending job). IMG_4375
Do little boys come out of the womb loving dirt? 
I think they must.IMG_4381
Somehow I can grow weeds up to my waist but can't seem to keep a flower alive to save my life.IMG_4382
But we are attempting a vegetable garden (and need your prayers).
Shawn built the frame, filled it with 3 huge scoops of topsoil, and mixed in our compost.
Don't be deceived. He did way more work than I did.
Although I must say, I never thought I'd choose to be barefoot in heaps of dirt... and enjoy it.
This space will soon be filled with tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeƱos, squash, strawberries, potatoes, onions, asparagus, and the like. Wish us luck!IMG_4465
Some other highlights not captured through my lens:
- My love led worship at the First Family on Sunday morning. I was so proud of him and his heart for worship. It came through beautifully.
- I woke from my Sunday afternoon nap to see Shawn leaping after a fly, swatter in hand. "Die!" he yelled, right before the fly's imminent death/Shawn's victory. I had to laugh.

Hope your weekend was glorious, too. :)


  1. I completely understand your frustration, Whitney. I can't seem to keep any of my flowers alive either... I'm sure your garden will do great!

    I was wondering how you get your pictures so big on the blog. I updated my blog settings to post the pictures on the largest scale, but it hasn't helped... any ideas?

  2. Katie,

    I use Flickr, which has been a great (and free) resource. I basically upload my photos to Flickr in the size I want them to be on the blog (680x483 pixels). There's a free Flickr uploader you can download for that. Then once they're on Flickr, I click on the picture, then click "all sizes" to find the largest size. Right under there, you can find the HTML code and I just copy and paste that into my blog.

    I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have questions along the way. It doesn't take any more time to do it this way and you have bigger pictures!

  3. Whitney, my parents just converted to raised beds for their garden. They love it so far! My dad is even growing potatoes in an old whiskey barrel. I hope you have many wonderful veggies! They love it so far...the beans are already showing!

  4. NICE! That's what we should have done...& a 6 ft fence to protect from BIG jackrabbits & deer!

  5. i'm curious to know what your craft was...? :)


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