"Come see the watermelons!"

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's the phrase that comes out of my mouth almost every time we have visitors.

"Come see the watermelons! They've grown so much since you've been here last!"

(This may or not be the case. In fact, with my parents, it's probably not. They've come to "see the watermelons" at least about 10 times by now... and seen how slowly they grow.) 

But since I haven't bored the blogging world with their daily progress, I thought you'd make the perfect audience to show off my beloved crop. I still can't believe they're actually growing! In our back yard!

First, though, I should give a couple other vegetables some credit. 
They've been here far longer than the watermelons and have been ripening so quickly that we end up eating them almost every night.

Dear Squash,
I made the mistake of planting two bushels of you instead of just one. I had no idea I would pick at least a piece of you every. single. day. I don't think I'll be eating squash for an entire year after this.

Roma tomatoes. Too cute (and delicious, when they turn bright red).

What is that I see... could it be??
[Don't mind the weeds all around...]

Ah! This is my favorite one (the biggest so far).
Does anyone know the signs to look for when they're ripe enough to pick?
This one tempts me to pick her every single day, but then I think of the look on Shawn's face if I were to pick her too early, and I leave her alone.

And cantaloupe too! We forgot that these were in our garden until we noticed they looked like white watermelons for a while... then they got that rough skin that told us they were cantaloupes! Not my favorite fruit of all time, but I know I'll love them from our garden.

Watermelons. Two kinds. These guys are friends, I can tell.


So I guess with about 15 watermelons so far and at least 10 cantaloupes, we might just have to open a roadside fruit stand. Or share them with friends. Or just eat them all ourselves. Either way, thanks for being my little guinea pigs and googling over them too. 


  1. WOW if I were there, I'd come see! :-)

  2. This is amazing! Once we have a backyard, I'm going to ask you a bunch of gardening questions. :)

  3. Wow! I want to have a garden to grow some watermelon, too.


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