Iron-on DIY projects.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

So I'm not even sure where it occurred to me to get creative with iron-on transfer paper today (a blog, I'm sure), but the ideas just started exploding in my head and I had to track some of this magic paper down.

I ended up finding it at Hobby Lobby (and using a 40% off coupon... love those) and am having so much fun trying different things with it. The first project I attempted - a pillow slipcover - is not my favorite thing I've ever made, but  I'm happy with it for a first attempt. 

First, I made this pillow case slip cover. If you know how to sew a straight line on a sewing machine, I'm sure you know how to do this. (I still need to make a pillow to go inside.)

I improvised an envelope opening in the back to slip it in and out without having to add a zipper. I will probably add a cute button, later.

I then went searching for black and white images online. I came across Graphics Fairy, which has loads and loads of free vintage-style images.

I found LOTS I liked, then printed off this chair picture onto normal paper first, just to make sure I liked the size. Obviously, you can't go any larger than 8.5"x11", so I wanted to see how large I could make the chair and where I wanted to place it before committing to the iron-on transfer paper.


Once printing it onto the transfer paper (following the instructions on the package), I made sure the ink was dry so I didn't smudge it, then cut around the edges with scissors.
Had I left the insides white, it would've been a clear, soft surface in the blank spaces (which I didn't want on my final product). So I used an exacto knife to cut those big white spaces out.
Good enough...

I then placed it face down onto the fabric and tried to center it, then used a hot dry iron and ironed for about 90 seconds without stopping.

Once letting it cool completely, I started to peel off the backing in hopes it worked.

And now I have a new pillow! I still need to make a pillow insert that actually fits, but once I do, I think I'll like it. :) 

Once finished with the pillow, I decided to tackle a stack of onesies for my little niece that I've had sitting around, not knowing what to do with. One thing to keep in mind with these is that you need to print everything backwards if there are words.

Can you tell what this one will be?

For our little future pianist!

And a few more...
Onto more projects... :)


  1. Dear Whit,
    This is genius.
    I miss you.
    Please come to Chicago soon to hang and teach me your mad crafting skills.
    Love, Kirra

    P.S. You gonna put some of these things in your etsy store? Cauuuuuuse I sure would be buying that pillow. Sure would. :) And a onesie with a CA state on it? Ya. I would like that for the future. Just sayin'.

  2. these are so adorable, whitney! congrats on becoming an aunt!! :)

    where did you find the made in oregon one?

  3. do you have to reverse everything?

  4. whoa! this is an incredible find! thanks for the link to the graphics fairy...i'm checking that out right now! free stuff is sooo valuable. and your projects are completely adorable!

  5. You are so creative and crafty that it's crazy. I love this. Plus, I've gotten numerous comments on ppl loving the headband we made :)


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