Quintessential summer.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I've been looking forward to this moment all summer long: 
the harvesting of our first ripe watermelon.

I happened to think it was a photo-worthy affair.
My husband and our friend? Not so much.
Therefore, I'm the only one in these photos, enjoying the watermelon-picking ceremony much more than the two behind the lens. 
What can I say? I was pretty darn excited.

So anyway... see this? It used to be our garden. Now it's a tangled mess that's hiding plenty of delicious fruit. I still love it, even though it's a bit of chaos.

Going in for the watermelon...

Sweet success.

I immediately handed it to Chris to document his presence... he looks thrilled, I know. :)

I also picked our very first cantaloupe.

There it is. 

Look how perfect! 
(Note the huge cucumber and watermelon in the bottom of the photo).

So I have a couple questions to all of you avid gardeners out there...
Was I supposed to let the cantaloupe ripen on the counter for a few days before I cut into it? It looked amazing and tasted more like... a carrot. Not hard, but pretty flavorless.

As for the watermelon, it was very sweet and juicy in the center, but the red center was small with lots of white on the outside. 
Did I pick it too soon?

Thankfully, we have about 15 more of each to get this harvesting thing perfected. 
(I'm finding out how impatient I really am.)

Happy summer!


  1. Congratulations! You've been WAITING for this day! And I've been there many days when you've been tempted to pick the fruit . . .
    Good job for waiting.

    I will look forward to trying one of those remaining watermelons soon!

  2. Great garden!! I don't know about cantaloupes but you picked the watermelon a bit too soon. It should be bigger with the white-ish stripes growing more prominently like you would see in the grocery store. And the cucumbers are usually tastier when they are smaller but they look GREAT. I love reading about your garden! Hope you are doing well Whit!

  3. oh and i know you have two different kinds, but i think the one you picked still needs to have some lighter ish stripes. don't bet on it though ;) and i love the pillows and baby clothes you made! what a great aunt!

  4. also, When tapped lightly, melons should sound hollow, indicating maturity. They should have a fragrant aroma. A rich colour is a good indication of sweetness.

    read that online and that is a great tip! sorry for the excessive commenting. we live in an apartment right now and i LOVE gardening and miss it a lot! it's such a great picture of God's provisions for us.

  5. aw whit - this look so cool! mmmm, yum!

    btw, love the outfit! you do not look like a country girl at all. hehehe. love and miss you.

  6. It's so exiting when you pick the first bounty from your garden!

  7. where is that belt from whit? ive been looking for one like it!


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