What Saturday looks like.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This morning, we said goodbye to a family who had been staying with us for the past four days.
They left this in the refrigerator.
It made me miss them even more.

Dear Wilsons, 
Don't go!
Love, Newbys

Have you all tried this phenomenon?
Creamed honey.
I didn't even know it existed until I took a little jaunt to Nolensville and the salesman at the Feed Mill convinced me to buy a jar.
It was worth every penny.


I don't know what makes it creamy, but I think I could eat a big ole spoonful with every meal.
Loving Tennessee right now. :)

Another reason I love living in Franklin:
The Farmer's Market.
I used to complain about its wimpy size in earlier months, but with the coming of summer, it has really come alive.
Music, veggies, fried pies, you name it.

Farmer's Market photos are my very favorite.

My cute husband picking out the perfect (very ripe, might I add) peaches. They were delicious!

Anna, I couldn't help think of you when I saw these. You and your love for dahlias, that is.

A highlight of the Franklin Farmer's Market is this band.
They're there week in and week out (and year after year).
They really set the tone, and they are true Southerners.

But I think I have a favorite member of this band... actually, I know I do.
The sweet little man on the right.
He must be 90 years old. His eyes are rarely open, he just picks away at his guitar.
The epitome of adorable.

Favorite farmer's market find?
Have you ever seen green beans this long?! I hadn't!

I have a feeling they'll last us a while.
A side dish for Shawn and I only requires about 4 beans. :)

Next, I suckered my husband into antiquing for a few minutes. I recently sold our coffee table and entertainment center on craigslist, so we needed some things to replace it.
Kirra, this picture is for you. It's your invitation/plea to come visit. I'll take you here, I promise!

After a long afternoon of unsuccessful antiquing, I was introduced to Nutella for the first time. Oh, what I've been missing! I definitely licked the bowl when we finished.

After our snack, Shawn headed out to play tennis while my mom and I went on the hunt for a coffee table... and found something incredibly quick.
I adore this thing.
There are even drawers on the other side!
It makes me want to sell more things so I can buy more pretty furniture!


What did your Saturday look like? 


  1. wow - that new table is such a good find! it was sweet seeing what your day looked like after talking with you on the phone.

    today was a lovely, relaxing saturday with the bf. it was filled with movies and sewing and a thunderstorm. i need more days like today.

    happy saturday, whit!

  2. I LOVE the new table. It's beautiful, and so you! What a great find.

    My Saturday was slow...went to an open house, took advantage of the half off sale at Snapfish, and bought some of my Africa pics on canvas, and rented the movie, Extraordinary Measures. I think I needed to cry. :)

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Nutella is sweet bliss in a jar. I can't believe Shawn waited so long to introduce you...it's practically a staple in Germany. :-) It's delicious in homemade crepes with strawberries and bananas!

  4. Whitney, your new table is lovely! Can't wait to have a place of our own to stock full of cutie finds like that.

    Also, where do you find such adorable dresses? I've been looking for some comfy dresses like the red one you're wearing in this post's pics for a while now and I guess I just don't know where to look.

    Hope you and Shawn are well!

  5. I've been searching for a coffee table and LOVE the one you found! Where did you look? Any tips?

  6. Emily, thanks!! We love it too. I found it at Nadeau in Green Hills (http://furniturewithasoul.com/), but they have stores in several locations around the country. (I wish I knew which Emily this was and I could give more specific tips!). It was a really great price, good quality, and huge. We are very happy. :)


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