DIY: Paper roses

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I didn't plan a week-long hiatus from the blog, but that's just how life happens sometimes. Between photographing an out-of-town wedding, having guests, helping my parents move, working, and math class, blogging has had to take a back seat for a little bit. But when life starts to get crazy, I've found that one of the best places for me to go for a few minutes of solitude is to my craft room. I close the door, surround myself with bits of fabric and paper and buttons and glue, and I come alive again.

All that to say, I had a free half hour the other day and haphazardly created a rose out of paper. I've made roses out of clay before, and the steps aren't too different. I hope you'll try them for yourself! They're quick, easy, and use very basic supplies.

Here's what you'll need:

Paper - it can be plain or have a pattern on it
Glue gun
Floral wire - found at any craft store


First, to make the center of your rose, cut out two or three "petals" about this size. They're basically just ovals that don't have to be even. Using an bead reamer (or ice pick or knitting needle... lots of things would work), curl the edge of your petal so it flips out.


Next, with the curled edge on the outside, bend the petals slightly with your thumb and glue two petals together like shown below. Once you glue three petals together, you can bring them together in a circle and glue them and you have the center of your flower complete.


Next, you'll start to add more petals to the center. You're repeating the exact same steps, but you'll want to cut the petals slightly larger this time, curl them, bend them around the center, and glue. You can do as few or as many as you like. 

The bottom left picture below is where I decided to stop. 

If you'd like to make a stem for your flower, bend the top of the floral wire like I did and pull it through the center.

To make the very center of the flower (and to cover up the floral wire), cut a strip of paper and make fringe out of it. Then roll the fringe and pull the pieces apart. Add a big drop of hot glue right into the center and tuck the fringe in to finish your flower.



You could do lots of things with these. I put these in a vase on my nightstand and plan to make a whole bouquet of them out of old sheet music.


Or you could even add them to a wreath. I made this one in just a few minutes once my flowers were done by just gluing linen strips of fabric to a wreath form and gluing my paper flowers and a few fabric flowers to it.

Happy rose making!

PS - This wreath will be in the shop later today and I may even start adding bouquets in lots of fun colors. Let me know if you have requests!


  1. oooh i LOVE this!!! great post, whit.
    i'll see you soon!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! The wreath is beautiful... might have to try this for our guest bedroom :)

  3. I love the paper flowers!!! I just started blogging and I am really impressed with your creative blog!! Great job!

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  4. Nice. I can't wait to make these for my wedding center pieces! I think they will look so pretty!


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