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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've been in nesting mode recently, if you couldn't tell. I don't really know what brought it on, but I've been busy with little projects around our home that make it more "us."
The last couple days have been devoted to our bedroom.

Here's the before:


Nothing wrong with it. I really liked the Pottery Barn duvet cover in our old apartment, but here, with the neutral walls and carpet, it looked a little dingy and not at all feminine to me.

So without further ado, here's after the mini-makeover:


Shawn's side:


My side (sorry for the blurry picture!):


As for some of the details:
- The only things I bought were the duvet, shams (still waiting on one more in the mail) and I bought the nightstands off of Craigslist. Everything else was from around the house: I found the curtains in a box from my old dorm room, and the lamps, frames, and throw pillows in other rooms.
- The canvases I painted with the "12" and "27" are for our anniversary (December 27) and I just used the stencil technique with freezer paper to add some colors that would work with our new palette.
- The throw pillows will soon be replaced with some my grandma is helping me make. Hooray!


I'm sooo happy with the softer, cleaner look!


  1. this is SO cute! great decorating!

  2. aw, i LOVE it!!! you always have such a good hand at decor, friend.

  3. I LOVE the canvases . . . ADORABLE!

  4. I'm going to copy everything you did . . . ha!
    Next time you show a before and after bedroom remodel, it might be the one you help ME with! LOVE what you did.

  5. this is beautiful whitney! are you interested in selling the pottery barn duvet cover? i bought the matching shams at a garage sale in the spring and our master bedroom needs something new!!!! i adore your taste!

  6. I'm a friend of Kirra and just looking around :) Our bedroom is our next project! This looks beautiful!!

  7. sorry I am on my husband's work ;)


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