One more DIY and an announcement.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So I hinted at one more do-it-yourself project to round out the week, but instead of finishing the post, I opted for a sushi date with Shawn. Sorry, friends! So here is the last DIY post for a little while, though I'm sure not the last one ever. I'm constantly creating, whether or not I post the instructions on the blog. But it's been so fun reading your comments and seeing new faces around here this week!

That said, let's make a couple cake plates, shall we? :)

This is one of the easiest projects out there, and just takes a little searching in a thrift shop to find the right supplies. The only other supply you'll need is super glue made specifically for glass, found at any craft or hardware store.


You'll need a base for your cake stand, of course. I found these for a dollar each at a thrift store. One is originally a sundae dish and the other a candle holder.

You'll also need a plate for your cake stand. These were thrift store and (very on sale) Anthropologie finds.

Follow the instructions on whatever glue you're using. For this kind, it says to apply sparingly to one surface, place it on top of the other surface, and hold down for 30 seconds. You should probably wait several hours before moving it, just to be safe.

After a few hours, flip it over and you've got yourself a cake stand! With the glue I used, it's even dishwasher safe!

Wouldn't these make the most adorable gift? Bring over a plate of cookies and say, "Oh, by the way, I made the cake stand for you too." I think most people would love that.

Also, an important announcement:

My dear friend, Kirra, has opened an online antique shop aptly named Lovies! She's also started a separate blog for it and is hosting a giveaway to kick things off. Make sure you check out the giveaway as well as the adorable shop. So excited for her!

Happy Sunday, friends!


  1. Where did you get the domes for the stands? They are very cute!

  2. Any recommendations on Nashville/Franklin area thrift shops to visit?

  3. that is the most charming thing i've ever i know what i'm making for christmas gifts!

  4. I LOVE this idea!
    I'm making one for my mum - she'll love it!
    Thanks so much for all the craft/DIY projects and idea you post, you give me so much inspiration :)
    God bless

  5. So cute...did you find the domes thrifting or did you buy them alone??


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