A picture is worth a thousand words.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A memory is worth more.

Without my camera in my purse along for the rollercoaster of the day, I took snapshots in my mind. In my heart. These are the little things I don't take for granted that made today glorious.

The morning light that streamed across one side of my husband's face as he leaned over his well worn Bible on our front porch.

Sorting through dusty old shutters, quilts, jewelry and other antique treasures, things that were once loved by another generation I will never know.

Stepping out of a dressing room to instantly read the expression on my husband's face as to whether or not he liked the new clothes. It's getting easier and easier to see right through him. I love that I know him so well.

Fingering through a recently found file folder with the intricate details of our engagement day all typed out.
Also there were the drawings of the most perfect ring I have ever seen. I love looking at the real thing every day. I love even more that he knows me so well.

Teaching a group of cranky, impatient women to paint and becoming sad when I learned they were a church group. Remembering God's grace toward me when I am cranky and impatient and trying to extend it to them, too.

Getting a salty kiss from my soccer star husband as we drove through Starbucks for a 15 minute "date" before our next obligations. I'll take every minute I can get.

The signs of a summery Saturday in Franklin: roadside stands selling local honey, yard sales, and a crowded Main Street.

Finally finishing "The History of Love" with happy tears, sad tears, and grateful tears stinging my eyes. Grateful I have found Love.

It's been a good day.

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  1. i love this post. life is beautiful through your eyes :)


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