Redecorating (and a little DIY).

Monday, August 16, 2010

Decorating has never really come naturally to me. I love making things look pretty and feel cozy, and I get lots of ideas from magazines and blogs, but sometimes it's hard to make things flow in a home the way I wish they would... especially with lots of hand-me-down furniture that newlyweds tend to inherit.

For example, see Exhibit A:


This little nook in our guest bedroom has been sitting bare for quite some time. The dresser was actually from my nursery as a baby (and still has the same shelf paper!) and the lamp came from my grandmother who passed away last year. Though I probably wouldn't pick out either piece from a store, they are sentimental and so they will stay. They just needed a little dressing up to make it feel our guests feel a bit cozier, in my opinion. I also wanted to stick with a vintage/antique/family heritage sort of feel with not a lot of color since that's what I've already started with.

My goal was to spend less than an hour and no money. Lofty? Maybe. I love redecorating with things I already have, though. And, of course, cheap and easy DIY projects.

First, I found this old canvas I had painted way back when. Not really our style, but I could use the canvas.


I found some natural looking fabric I had laying around and stapled it with a staple gun all the way around the edges.


Looking better already!

Then, I searched for "bird silhouette" online and came up with this image and printed it.


Next, I took a sheet of freezer paper and traced the outline of the bird onto the papery side of it.



I then took a very sharp X-acto knife and cut around the bird.


I positioned the bird onto my canvas...


Then I ironed it down with a hot, dry iron quickly (with the plastic side to the canvas) to make it stay. This freezer paper is awesome!

I then painted the inside with white acrylic paint by dabbing the paint into the silhouette.


Pull the paper off and.... voila!


I then went treasure hunting in all the rooms of my house, looking for things that would "go."


These are what I found...

A window that I had painted the panes a while ago with chalkboard paint ($12)
A bird cage I found at an antique store ($4)
A frame with a picture of Shawn's grandparents on their wedding day ($5)
My little birdie (free!)
Paper flowers in a milk glass vase (probably $1 all together)
And a little trim to hang from the window



Sometimes you have to take it a corner at a time...


  1. oooh i LOVE this! (i think i say that on all your blog posts, friend.) super inspiring!!

    p.s. sad that i didnt see you this weekend. though it is my turn to make my way down there. pray that we get that chance soon. love you!

  2. We have this dresser! Ours has a mirror on the back, though. I love what you did with the corner!

  3. What is freezer paper? I'm really new at all of this but I love your DIY ideas!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sorry - just post ur answer here - I'll check back. Thanks!

  6. Freezer paper is normally used to wrap meat so it doesn't get freezer burn, but it's great for all kinds of DIY ideas!

  7. I know this is an old post but I have been browsing your DIY projects and absolutely adore your ideas. I have been a follower and truly enjoy your posts.

    Thanks so much for some really amazing ideas I definitely will be trying after the holidays.



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