Scenes from the weekend.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A few little snippets of my weekend that made it wonderful... 

Shawn's famous smoothies. We have them almost every day, but they taste especially delicious on a slow Saturday morning.

Found these letters and drooled. A lot. Then I saw they were $95 each. Still love them, though. :)

Antiquing in Franklin, and found an old mantel mirror that I adored. Again, a little out of our price range, but it's fun to dream. :)

Thought of you, Kirra. (Mainly how you need to come visit me, pronto!)

Saw a tractor (or 3) in the rearview mirror. Pretty normal in our neighborhood.

Added little fall touches to our home on a blustery afternoon. I cannot. wait. for. FALL.

Watched my sweet husband take a Sunday afternoon nap. I love him.

Hope you had a delightful weekend!

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  1. So beautiful. I was praying for you a lot this weekend to soak it all in and to get lots of rest. I hope your first day back at school is exciting & confirming. I love you so much. P.S. I need one of those pillows. Stat. :)


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