8 things.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1. My hubby is now a blogger! You can find his new blog A Page and a Pen. He's using this space to write down some prayers to the Lord and he has a way with words that is so beautiful. Go visit him! :)

2. You guys are wonderful. Yes, you. When I first started blogging, it just seemed like an added bonus that people were reading and enjoying it, but my main purpose was to document our lives so that one day we could look back and see God's hand in our story. That's still my purpose, but the fact that now hundreds of you read this every day and send the most encouraging comments and emails my way is such a blessing. So thank you!

3. On that note, I'm not the greatest at returning comments, but if you want a response, please feel free to email me and I will definitely email you back! Please know that I read every comment, though, and it brightens my day. :)

4. I still have not done too much on our mantel, but LOVED your ideas! I'm using two of them... and will show you as soon as possible what we're planning to do!

5. I learned a lesson this week: Don't go picking jalapeños from your garden, chop them up for jalapeño hummus, then try to put your contacts in. Very bad terrible idea. Lots of tears will ensue, and you'll end up having to wear your glasses to class.

6. I learned another lesson this week: Don't give your blog a makeover if you, a. Do not have time to fix what you've messed up, and b. Don't really know what you want the final product to look like. Thanks for bearing with me as the blog is looking a little stark and impersonal right now. I promise it'll be better soon!

7. Speaking of blog design, a few of you have asked how I get those tabs at the top. It's super easy in Blogger. From the main Blogger dashboard, click on "edit posts" then on "edit pages" up at the top. The pages are the tabs. You can add up to 10 external pages and arrange them on the top like I have, or on the side of the page.

8. It's time for homework. Oh wait, it's always time for homework. That said, hope you've all had a wonderful, restful weekend!

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  1. Hello, I recently stumbled onto your blog, and just wanted to say that I enjoy everything about it!


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