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Thursday, September 9, 2010

This week, I gave our living room a mini makeover. It happened over time, really - I sold a couple pieces on Craigslist and bought a couple other things to replace them. I decided I wanted a mantel a long time ago, even though we have no fireplace (and no prospect of one) because I love the feeling of "home" it gives to a room. I found this one on Craigslist for $50 and had a couple kind neighbors and friends work on it and install it.

Here's the before:
{I sold the coffee table and the TV cabinet and added curtains and switched the couches around.}

And here's the now:

I love that the TV is no longer the focal point of the room (it's going to find a home in another room).
I love that I'll be able to change out the decor for each season if I want to... hanging stockings from the mantel, maybe a Fall wreath...


But here's the dilemma - what do I do underneath where the fireplace is supposed to go?

I really love Ashley Ann's idea that she did in her home, and I may go with that.
But does anyone have any other ideas?
I'm all ears!


  1. could you maybe put a little table underneath or one of those dried grass boughets in a huge put? do you know what i mean? haha obviously from my description of that i am no interior designer haha. the curtains looks great though!

  2. What about a wrought iron screen? It would give the impression of the fireplace being "real."

  3. I like Lauren's idea too. Painting the wall black would also give that feel that a fireplace is under there :) I also thought about tile too. But maybe richer tones, rather than light circles. I love what you have done and that new coffee table is super cute!

  4. Why don't you put your flat screen tv there? Or is that Stilbruch?

  5. huge, different sized candles in the colors you choose. you can paint the background a contrasting color too.

  6. I totally agree with some others the fire place idea would look adorable with candles! & I love the new placement of the crosses.

  7. Hey, Hey, Hey!

    It looks great!

  8. If you'll allow a guy to enter the conversation for a minute...

    Yes, the "what to do with the wall under the mantle" question was the first thing that popped to my mind when I started looking at these pictures. The tricky part is that you also have an AC outlet there to deal with.

    I have to say, I'm a big fan of Megan's idea--big pot with dried grass in it (or something of that ilk.) It seems like that would fill the space, which is a major concern, AND it would help distract from the electrical outlet. Also, maybe an accent color under the mantle behind the pot (I'm feeling something in the red family, but it would totally depend on the big pot.)

    Let it not go unnoticed that you switched the position of your couches, too. A good touch, I think.


  9. What about a mirror? Then place whatever in front- the grass candles ect. I would also try to figure out a way to camouflage the outlet- either paint it to blend into the wall - or else use it to set a rectangular pattern inside there?

  10. Or what about ruffly fabric. I'm on a ruffle fabric kick myself.

  11. Some fabulous ideas! One of my favorite additions? The curtains! Wow, that softens and "cozies up" that room so much. Can't wait to come over for a cup of tea :).

    Love you.

  12. If you put an acordian anything behind (grate, paintings, burlap covered frames) I would personally collect fall leaves and hot glue them on sticks I like. I.say glue bc the best leaves have usually already fallen or will look wilty...or you could cut leaves out of sheet music, dry brush 'fire' colors and so on... now I wish I had a mantle.

  13. hey whit! i've LOVED these decorating posts! so inspiring! i've seen people put lots of different sizes of candles on little tables or stands or candle sticks or just on the floor that look really cute! i couldn't find the picture i was thinking of but though this is a real fireplace, check out this pic

    i don't know if you have enough depth but you could try it!

  14. I thought of you as I read through an old magazine- They were showing ways to fill your fireplace- some that they showed that have not been mentioned- A stack of Dogwood logs(cut in half lengthwise so they are flat-nailed together) that fill the entire space

    Another one that I thought was cute - all different sized colored Vases- stacked to fill the space.
    oh here's the link


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