Just in case...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

anyone's ever tempted to think my house looks perfect all the time...


Uhh... yeah.
We've always said the state of our house reflects the state of our lives.
And this week has, obviously, been a little chaotic.

But with about 20 minutes of vigorous teamwork, it ended up looking like this...

A clean kitchen is just bliss, isn't it?


  1. I love it. Wanna come over and help me clean mine? :)

    Miss you.

  2. well, girl i think you just broke that temptation for me! ;) hahah - its still impressive that you got that done in 20 min!

  3. I have only met one woman who can't relate to you....and it ain't me! Once caught in a mess, baking a cake & preparing two different meals... I asked her..."I guess your kitchen never looks like this? " I was hoping for some EMPATHY...her reply (& I THOUGHT I saw her nose tipped up ever so slightly) "No, actually it doesn't!" "Oh" that's all I could say, "Oh".

  4. wow- that is a transformation if ive ever seen one.

    and i really like it here. consider me your newest follower.

  5. and can i ask where you got that white pedestal bowl with the apples in it? i love it.


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