Shawn's wife.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

[I've learned]
... to dribble a soccer ball
... to enjoy a good long LOST marathon
... to cook wienerschnitzel and say "Faustian sie deutsch?"
... to savor good coffee and sunshine
... the closer my walk with the Lord, the smoother and more fulfilling my marriage is.

[I've been surprised by]
... his passion for the Word
... his unbelievable support of me on every front (it puts me to shame)
... his affinity for backrubs and chewing gum
... his patience in thrift stores
... his wisdom.

[I've experienced]
... dressy dinner dates over overpriced sushi and meaningful conversation
... disappointment in my own pride and selfishness
... the security of walking with my hand in his
... more grace than I deserve.

[I wouldn't trade]
... this past year and nine months as Shawn's wife for anything.

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  1. this post was so cute! Sounds like you are very blessed to have such a wonderful marriage! Congratulations!


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