Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes it's just nice to take time being a wife.

To pry the notecards and calendar from my hands for a few hours and catch up on other important tasks.

Like folding laundry... and not being in a hurry to do so.
Feeling the warmth as the clothes come out of the dryer and breathing in the fresh scent.
I believe these little moments can be opportunities to pause and worship. To ask the Lord to help you look beyond the mundane and rejoice in the privilege it is to serve someone else.
He did that for me today.

Sometimes it's just nice to be home preparing dinner when this smiling face walks through the door.
I love his happy eyes.

To take time to set the table.

To cook real food.

And to spend a while enjoying it.

With your very favorite company.

It's not the norm around here, that's for sure.
But tonight was a balm for my soul.
A break from the high speed chaos that has been my life in recent days.
I think because it isn't the norm it's even more of a gift when it does come around.


  1. yes, yes, YES. i love this!
    i want to set the table tonight. thank you for the brilliant idea!

    ps. i really really love your kitchen cupboards.

  2. Aw. Happy. All of it. Still can't believe you made that apron. :) So thankful for these moments for you in the midst of school! Praying for your exam today! xo

  3. You are darling. And that apron is darling. :)

    And yes, I have loved that book for years! And looking through those pictures of us at the coast reminded me of it...I also kind of want us to pick up and move to Europe and go to Oxford together and get a cute little apartment with a cobblestone alleyway outside and lots of fireplaces inside. Care to join?

  4. Response about the magnet board -- I would post a tutorial, but I'm thinking about selling them on etsy . . . I would LOVE to explain it to you though, if you'd like I could email you!

  5. 1. I love your photos.
    2. I love your apron.
    3. Stabilo pens are the greatest invention in writing history.
    4. Love your blog :)

  6. i pray for a heart like this! to rejoice in the opportunity to serve. to savor ever moment. to use household chores as a time to worship & pray.

    beautiful. thanks for the reminder :)

  7. Thank you for having us over for dinner that night. It was a peaceful balm for my soul, too! I needed it more than you know. Love and appreciate you, babe.


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