Sunday, September 12, 2010

There are reasons to love it.
And reasons to hate it.

But this weekend we really loved it because we had a mini family reunion courtesy of Skype! (I'm new to Skype even though I know this is old news.) :)


There's Mama in Germany (Papa joined her later).
And Erik & Shans in Washington state.
And us in Tennessee!

Then Papa got in from a bike ride and joined the conversation.

And even gave us a little peek of the German countryside as the sun was setting...

It made us even more impatient to see less "pixely" versions of all of you someday soon.


  1. Oh, I love skype - we use it all the time. We live in Seattle and our daughters live in Chicago. We often have tea or dinner "together" while we skype. This morning I prayed with the girls before an important meeting, and this afternoon they showed me their Target purchases. LOVE LOVE skype.

    How did you do 2 locations at the same time?


  2. I am a HUGE Skype fan. After moving away I think it's the best way to stay close despite the distance.
    I'm so glad you finally tried it out! I'm sure it won't be your last time :)

  3. Isn't Skype the best?! Hey, we've all been trying out how to have a 3 way conference call! How did you guys do that?!!


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