My Lovies.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you've been reading this blog for long, you probably know about my dear friend Kirra Sue. You probably also know about her online vintage shop, Lovies, that I happen to adore.

Well, a few of her little Lovies have found new homes in Tennessee and they wanted to show off how happy they are here. (They told me.)

First off, this adorable vintage tray. It's the perfect colors for my kitchen, so it's there now, but I can totally picture it in about 15 other spots in my home.


My favorite part?
It's magnetic! I can post recipes I'm doing right onto it while I'm cooking.


Also, these beautiful cannisters (can you tell I love red?)

Their new home is in the craft room. They add a little vintage charm and organization to an otherwise very chaotic place. :)

Inside, there are spools of thread, pieces of lace and trim, wooden beads, and other crafting bits that needed somewhere to go.

Ok, your turn now. Go check out Lovies to find something you love. :)


  1. :) They have a good home. I cannot wait to see them in person in less than a month!!!! Countdown to TN has begun. I know I will fall hard.

  2. you are the perfect example of adding just a few vintage touches here and there and making it look fab! Kirra has a pretty great selection too! :) beautiful!


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