An open letter to my favorite city.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Chicago,

Just look what being away from you has done to me.


I'm growing my own produce,
making almond butter and herbal medicine from scratch,
soaking our beans and grains,
keeping a worm compost out back,
giving sewing lessons from my kitchen table,
purchasing raw honey and pumpkins from the side of the road.


And today? 
Well, I'll just let you take a look for yourself.


Don't get me wrong: none of these things are bad. In fact, they've become very normal and even enjoyable. They're just so very different from how I operated when you and I lived together.

So I think it's high time I get my little country self up to visit you. In fact, I'll be there very soon... 6 days and counting!

Until then, I'd much appreciate you keeping those warmer temperatures around so we can remember why we loved you so much in the Fall.

Much love from your favorite former resident,



  1. Whitney, what a precious post ....I live in a busy city and only wish I could spend my days out in the country! For now I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. you can make homemmade almond butter?! mmmm, i love almond butter!!

    im impressed but not surprised! ;) you have always been good at whatever you put your hand too, friend.

    miss and love you, whit!

  3. love your post! Tho' I'd be partial to living in the country, while visiting you in Chicago I could see why you love it there! :-)

  4. Counting down the days till your visit! :) And I cannot wait to see the country for myself so soon! Hooray!

  5. I think I might just go have a Polish sah-sage for yous guysss.


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